Tissue Culture Services

Calyx King Consulting’s Tissue Culture lab designs and meticulous operational protocols enable reliable micropropagation of robust, pest-and-pathogen-free cannabis genetics. Conscientious and careful integration of Tissue Culture practices into your cannabis production operations can reduce cultivation costs, improve yield, and enhance the quality and value of your genetic portfolio.
Tissue Culture Samples

Our Tissue Culture lab designs and protocols introduce the benefits of sterile micropropagation and genetics-management into ordinary commercial cannabis operations in an efficient, economical, and scalable way.

Tissue Culture Lab Services

CKC can quickly deliver and expertly set-up a Tissue Culture lab at your facility.

CKC’s Tissue Culture Labs and protocols enable our clients to receive new genetics, “scrub” and rejuvenate existing portfolios, and relilably produce viable, pathogen-and-pest-free starts for the cultivation lifecycle.

Our Tissue Culture services are customized to your enterprise goals. We can provide short-term “pop-up” solutions or establish facilities and operational workflows that will cornerstone your cultivation lifecycle.

"Pop-Up" Lab

Clients looking to start a new facility (or reset) with new healthy disease-free plants start here.

CKC installs a temporary container and provides the expertise required to take initial cuttings from the client’s genetic library through the Tissue Culture and micropropagation processes. The end result: a sterile set of the client’s selected genetics, in the form of healthy Moms + Clone starts.


  • Design and build temporary TC Lab container and transport to site.
  • A CKC representative on-site, working in the Lab to run the client’s chosen plant genetics through the TC process.
  • At the end of the engagement, CKC will remove any Tissue Culture-related equipment (hood, tools, etc.) and will leave the client with a sterile container full of processed, pathogen-and-pest-free Moms + Clone starts.

Following the Tissue Culture process, the Client will use conventional cloning methods for its on-going operational propagation. SOP’s, equipment lists, Tissue Culture IP, and process training are not included in this service offering.

Permanent Facility

Enterprises seeking a long-term, permanent solution for Tissue Culture operations start here. 

CKC designs and installs a Tissue Culture Lab at the client facility, and then provides Tissue Culture training and materials while priming the culturing process and establishing a first clean round of plants to populate the client facility.


  • Design and set up of Tissue Culture Lab.
  • Operation of the Lab to prime the culturing process and establish a first clean round of plants for client’s operations.
  • Documented SOP’s, training protocols, and detailed Tissue Culture formula recipes.
  • On-site training of client’s staff by a certified CKC representative.
  • Strategy and design for conversion of the lab into the permanent facility (this includes developing a detailed, phased plan with relative culture schedules).

The fully-functioning lab space is the property of the client, and may be utliized at other facilities with or without help from CKC.

Key Challenges in Today’s Business Environment

  • Nearly all licensed cannabis growers utilize traditional methods of cultivation either growing plants from seed or via cloning methods.
  • Typical loss rates from these methods range between 20-30% due to factors such as pests, disease, uncontrolled environmental conditions and general viability
  • Traditional cloning methods require large amounts of space to store mother plants
  • Genetic degradation through repeated cloning produces lower quality cannabis over time

CKC’s Tissue Culture Practice

  • Provides multiple solution options for your future Tissue Culture lab
  • Can support temporary or long term needs in a cost effective manner
  • Brings proven methodologies, formulas and technology to the table
  • Helps reduce costs and improve profit margins in Cultivation facilities
  • Increases facility capacity by reducing space required to house Moms/Clones and converts it into usable canopy
  • Provides a basis for new revenue streams by:
    • Enabling clients to sell clean starts to clientele
    • Establishes a basis to clean and store genetics for outside clients requiring a clean gene bank for their strains

Our Value Propositions

  • Improved Plant Health – 100% guarantee of viability on delivery – eliminating the risk of introducing pests, disease and other pathogens typically encountered in cannabis cultivation facilities
  • Reduced Costs Associated with Integrated Pest Management – by using clean genetic starts, only preventative bio-controls vs. expensive pesticides will be required in cultivation facilities
  • Increased Productivity – use of space and diversity of genetics will dramatically improve a cultivator’s ability to reduce costs and generate revenue by increasing allocation of Clone/Mom dedicated space to Flowering space
  • Improved Time to Market – cultivators will be able to quickly adapt their in-cultivation portfolios to address changing market demands, improving time to market for genetics maintained as pathogen-and-pest-free tissue culture starts
  • Premium Products – products created from cannabis tissue culture starts will be marketed at a premium due to their consistency, quality, predictable performance, and the consumer’s preference for reliably pathogen-and-pest free cannabis