Strategic Planning

Calyx King Consulting provides unparalleled practical wisdom and confident counsel to our clients. Our mission is to understand the specific circumstances of our client, so that we can convert our decades of hard-earned expertise into pragmatic and strategic guidance, and thereby
help our clients build their success on the foundation of our experience.

Enterprise Planning

  • Business & Critical Path Planning – CKC assists our clients in all aspects of business planning: from defining core values, to documenting the enterprise’s operational trajectory, to developing and integrating construction schedules, equipment lists, and go-live roadmaps.
  • Financial Analyses Our quantitative tools and expertise enable  data-driven decisions. Complex information carefully processed–through multi-variable projections, real-time price modeling, and stress-testing–enables our clients to optimize their investments and business priorities.
  • Regulatory Compliance  We understand the operational and regulatory requirements involved in the industry. And, with experienced attorneys as part of the firm, we offer cost-efficient collaboration with clients’ outside counsel while navigating the complexities of Regulatory, Licensing, and Compliance Requirements.

Industry Acumen

  • Due Diligence Reviews – We conduct assessments, audits, and analyses of enterprises and opportunities in all domains and phases of the industry.
    • Capital – venture, bridge, acquisitions
    • Performance – audit in-fact operations against evolving standards & metrics
  • Brand / Product LicensingWe assess opportunities and arrange licensing deals to extend brand and product availability in new markets.
    • Networking –  Our extensive industry connections enables us to make strategic introductions that integrate our clients into the cannabis industry ecosystem.
      • Communications – Our familiarity with the audiences and interests comprising the cannabis industry allows us to deliver targeted and pragmatic educational and informational materials to regulators, investors, community leaders, and  stakeholders.

      Architecting the Operation

      • Leadership Development We guide clients through defining enterprise and executive responsibilities, recruiting and selecting management across all cannabis operations, present and future.
      • Standard Operating Procedures – CKC’s operations-based foundations and on-going facilities enable us to offer and continuously improve comprehensive SOPs for enterprise operations.
      • Training We develop and conduct training programs for the range of operational and compliance practices that ensure business success and support well-planned expansion.
      • Vendor-selection RFP’s We identify business requirements, author documents, and support vendor scoring & negotiate pricing for contractors, sub-contractors, vendors.

      CKC’s Strategic Planning Services

      • We integrate across-the-board cannabis expertise with modern professional services practices, bringing forward-thinking and pragmatic solutions to bear on whatever challenges our clients face.
      • We assist investors, entrepreneurs, and executives in making informed and efficient decisions regarding on-going or potential cannabis enterprises.
      • Our deep operational history and broad client portfolio means we have network connections and trusted resources through-out the industry eco-system.

      Our Value Propositions

      • We convert complexity into clarity.  The cannabis industry is a boisterous space, existing and expanding under the auspices of local, state, and federal regulation. The marketplace is crowded with angel investors and innovators, ad-venturous capitalists, and canna-con-artists. Success requires savvy planning.
      • We know cannabis and we know business. The evolution of the cannabis industry requires combining artisanal production expertise with modern business practices, and then innovating upon both.