Design and Initiate Cutting-edge Cannabis Tissue Culture Laboratory and Practices

Calyx King Consulting partnered with our client in Seattle, Washington to generate certifiable disease- and pest-free plants for sophisticated commercial cannabis enterprise. As part of this engagement, we provided the following consulting services:

  • Tissue Culture Methodology
  • Technology Development
  • Facilities Planning and Design


Market demand for Cultivar Geneticsā€™ super-premium cannabis strains recommended the production of hyper-clean plant starts, for both internal propagation and for sale to other cultivators.

Cultivar Genetics sought to implement tissue culture micropropagation practices in its facility and monetize the production of disease and pest free clones.

The Project

CKC designed and supervised the construction of a dedicated tissue culture laboratory, outfitted with high-value, cost-effective technology and materials.

CKC documented, implemented, and trained Cultivar Genetics staff in the modern cannabis micropropagation techniques necessary to scale a tissue culture practice and maximize clone production for their facilities.

TheĀ Solution

CKC successfully developed standard operating procedures and recipes to support micropropagation on a commercial scale for Cultivar Genetics.

Based upon our work, the client is able to support their facility’s needs for clean, pest and disease free clones while reducing crop loss, improving production volumes, and shortening time to market for harvest.