Vision and Execution Chart the Path for an Unprecedented Native American Cannabis Enterprise

CKC’s experienced management guides the launch of vertically-
integrated Tribal cannabis business. As part of this engagement, we provided the following consulting services:

  • Operations Expertise
  • End to End Project Management
  • Strategic Planning and Vision
  • Cultivation, Processing and Dispensary Management Subject Matter Expertise


The Puyallup Tribe of Indians needed strategic direction and methodical execution to realize their unique opportunities for integrating recreational cannabis production, processing, and retail sales.

Leveraging tribal sovereignty to build a best-in-class vertical enterprise would provide the Puyallup Tribe with extraordinary competitive advantages and distinctive brand-identity within the cannabis marketplace.

The Project

CKC stepped in to navigate the complex regulatory and competitive landscape by providing industry perspective, multi-disciplinary experience, and results-oriented executive management.

CKC clarified business objectives, implemented methodical operations management, and generated the blueprints, best-practices, and systems necessary for the Tribe’s success.

The Solution

CKC’s leadership enabled the Puyallup Tribe to define its brand and quickly capitalize on the opportunity to generate significant revenue through retail cannabis sales.

With positive cashflow and CKC’s facility planning and operations roadmaps, the Puyallup Tribe could self-finance the next stages of vertical-integration: building out a processing facility for the manufacture of Tribe-branded consumer products, and a cultivation facility capable of meeting not only internal needs, but feeding the wider Washington State market as well.