Native American Ventures

When considering whether or how to enter the cannabis economy, Tribes have a tremendous number of strategic and tactical questions to address. Each issue requires distinctive data, analytic approaches, precedential information, and each decision has high-impact consequences.

CKC helps Tribes seeking to exert their Sovereignty and establish truly transformative cannabis enterprises.

Opportunity Assessment

Calyx King Consulting can assist the Tribe with the research and decision-making necessary to evaluate the Tribe’s industry opportunites. The range of options available to Tribes include:

  • Stay Out
  • Act as Landlord for industry operators
  • Operate tribal-owned facilities
  • Brand-name & licensing

Key considerations include:

  • The Tribe’s Goals and Guiding Parameters for the decision-making and future operations
  • Legal, Political, Cultural Factors

Feasibility Analysis

If a Tribe intends to enter the industry, there remain critical decisions regarding what to do and how to enter.  Calyx King can assist Tribes in assessing their available resources and making informed decsions regarding the opportunities to pursue:

  • Landlord
  • Cultivation
  • Processing & Consumer Products
  • Retail Sales
  • Testing Lab

Vertical Integration is a significant opportunity requiring equally significant foresight and planning. CKC has the experience and industry understanding to support decisions and execution.

Enterprise Organization

Will the Tribal enterprise be a Solo or Joint Venture, or should the Tribe seek to outsource the enterprise Management?

Considerations include:

    • Capitalization?
    • Risk-management
    • Cannabis is a rapidly expanding, high-value market, crowded with plenty of “would-be players.” Informed due diligence and trusted counsel is vital to separate the feasible from the fast-talking.

Branding and GTM Strategy

Given the emerging nature of the market, there are still very few recognizable brands: Does the Tribe’s vision and business plan recommend connecting Tribe to the product-line, or maintaining distinction and separation?

Consistent Expert Support

Sovereignty entails responsibility and care. Early engagement of internal and external legal experts, political counselors, and industry-experienced advisors is critical, and CKC supports our Tribal clients in all aspects of assessing and working with experienced advisors.

CKC’s Native American Collaboration

  • Provides critical early stage management infrastructure and enterprise strategy
  • Performs Facilities and Systems Design and acts as the Owner’s Representative to manage build outs
  • Provides a proven network to connect Tribes with strategic partners throughout the cannabis industry
  • Acts as Capital and Financial counsel delivering proven financial projections and arranges for appropriate capital investments

Our Value Propositions

  • We appreciate the unique opportunities to work with sovereign Tribes. We have deepened our connection to Tribal communities through affiliation with NB3 Consulting.
  • We offer end-to-end industry expertise. Our operations-oriented expertise enables Tribes’ success across all aspects of their cannabis operations.
  • We know cannabis and we know business. The evolution of the cannabis industry requires combining artisanal production expertise with modern business practices, and then innovating upon both.

Native American Ventures Case Studies