Management Consulting Services

Calyx King Consulting helps companies move from license application and approval through

implementation and performance measurement of Cultivation, Processing and Dispensary operations.

Regulatory Analysis

  • Analyzing the State and Local regulatory codes to determine how best to describe your future operations
  • Our analysis provides the basis for completing your application(s) in an efficient and effective manner

Develop a Solid Foundation

  • Defining Standard Operating Procedures¬† that both meet your operational goals and objectives and comply with regulations
  • We work with your SMEs to define KPIs that are reasonable and valuable to measure operational performance

Implement Operational Model

Establishing the framework within your Cultivation, Processing and/or Dispensary operations will function while we:

  • Manage your implementation
  • Develop your product matrix
  • R&D product formulations
  • Source genetics

Communicate and Execute Effectively

  • Developing governance models that allow you to effectively manage your operations
  • Training your employees to follow established protocols for working in your facilities

Measure Performance

  • Defining measurable performance goals that directly relate to your business and its success
  • Auditing your performance and adherence to SOPs and regulations to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance

Key Challenges in Today’s Business Environment

  • Application processes are becoming more refined with shorter cycles and more specific requirements.
  • Profitability in Cultivation, Processing and Dispensary operations is becoming more dependent on operational efficiency as margins shrink.
  • Ramp up windows are tightening and operations need to come online more quickly and efficiently post-license approval.
  • Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures and regulations will continue to be of utmost importance to ensure compliance and effective management of operations.

CKC’s Management Consulting Services

  • Manage your application cycle from end to end through regulatory review, application content development and filing
  • Work with you to plan your operational model, organization structure and to develop your Standard Operating Procedures for all aspects of the enterprise
  • Guide implementation of your operating model, train your employees, and ensure processes are measured for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Audit your operation to ensure compliance with your defined operating standards and regulatory requirements