Facilities and Systems Design

Calyx King Consulting provides a breadth of design services that support our client’s needs from site selection through permitting and construction.

Who We Help

  • Existing operations that look to improve efficiency and sustainability in developing and/or mature markets
  • Companies undergoing facilities renovations, expansions, or revision of operational methodologies that effects facility systems
  • Any entity that wishes to apply for a license in a State or Country where cannabis has been legalized for Medical or Recreational use

Key Challenges in Today’s
Cannabis Business Environments

  • Permit processes are becoming more refined with more specific building requirements
  • Ramp up windows are tightening and operations need to come online more quickly and efficiently post-license approval
  • Profitability in Cultivation, Processing and Dispensary operations is becoming more dependent on efficiency as margins shrink
  • In production and processing facilities that use large amounts of resources, sustainability and green building are becoming important for both reducing carbon footprint and cost reductions

CKC’s Functional & Systems Design  

  • Site Assessment – Analysis of site conditions, sun exposure, building development potential, and CapEx cost estimation
  • Facility Layout and Design – From programming the macro site to detailed floor plan design, CKC can provide architectural guidance from the ground up
  • Equipment Selection and Sourcing – Including sizing of loads associated with gear, specifications, & layout
  • Systems Design – We help you figure out the best electrical, HVAC, gas, and water systems to meet the needs of your operation
  • Sustainability – Save money through efficient design and layout. Help execute incentive and rebate programs through your local utility provider