Facilities and Systems Design

Calyx King Consulting provides a breadth of design services that support our client’s needs from site selection through permitting and construction.

Our team can collaborate with clients in one specific area of need or across all domains.

Who We Help

  • Existing operations that look to improve efficiency and sustainability in developing and/or mature markets
  • Companies undergoing facilities renovations, expansions, or revision of operational methodologies that effects facility systems
  • Any entity that wishes to apply for a license in a State or Country where cannabis has been legalized for Medical or Recreational use

Key Challenges in Today’s
Cannabis Business Environments

  • Permit processes are becoming more refined with more specific building requirements
  • Ramp up windows are tightening and operations need to come online more quickly and efficiently post-license approval
  • Profitability in Cultivation, Processing and Dispensary operations is becoming more dependent on efficiency as margins shrink
  • In production and processing facilities that use large amounts of resources, sustainability and green building are becoming important for both reducing carbon footprint and cost reductions

CKC’s Functional & Systems Design  

  • Site Assessment – Analysis of site conditions, sun exposure, building development potential, and CapEx cost estimation
  • Facility Layout and Design – From programming the macro site to detailed floor plan design, CKC can provide architectural guidance from the ground up
  • Equipment Selection and Sourcing – Including sizing of loads associated with gear, specifications, & layout
  • Systems Design – We help you figure out the best electrical, HVAC, gas, and water systems to meet the needs of your operation
  • Sustainability – Save money through efficient design and layout. Help execute incentive and rebate programs through your local utility provider