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Plant Tissue Culture: Cloning of the Future?

Cannabis Plant Tissue Culture propagation methods are a truly bleeding edge science in the industry. Read on about how Calyx King Consulting, in partnership with Cultivar Farms, has cracked the code and is bringing their expertise to the marketplace.

Business Planning 101 for the Cannabis Industry

Developing a solid Business Plan is compulsory when it comes to launching a new venture. So why is it that so many cannabis entrepreneurs bypass this crucial step when starting up their business? Read on for our insights and why building a Business Plan is absolutely necessary in the cannabis world.

CannaInsider Interview with Matt Gaboury

Expert Architect & Grower Reveals How to Design The Perfect Indoor Grow Our lead designer, Matt Gaboury, gave a well-received interview on how to design the ideal indoor grow. Take a listen below to learn about one of the many services Calyx King offers!...

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