Calyx King Consulting

The cannabis industry’s premiere operations-oriented consulting partner
– planted in Seattle, Washington, but growing around the world.

Cultivation Expertise

Supporting your needs in building, kickstarting and refining your cultivation program

Processing Technology

Providing expert guidance in designing processing facilities and utilization of extraction technologies to develop quality cannabis products

Functional and Systems Design

Developing architect-ready functional and systems designs for cultivation, processing and dispensary operations

Our Services

Every client engagement is unique and addressed accordingly.
Our Client Services can be classed into the following domains:

Strategic Planning

Vision   Planning   Tactics  |  Execution

Our industry experience and insight ensures that your team is quickly organized, then oriented and empowered to gather critical information, make decisions, and execute your enterprise financial and operational plans.

Our mission is to convert complexity to clarity: to understand the specific circumstances of your operation so that we can leverage our decades of hard-earned expertise into pragmatic and strategic counsel.

Facilities & Systems Design

Selection  |  Planning  |  Sustainability

Our team — comprised of trained architects, design experts, and experienced construction project managers — has designed, built, and operated hundreds of thousands of square feet of licensed cannabis production, processing, and retail/dispensary facilities.

With CKC acting as Owner’s Representative during construction, we ensure that your facilities are properly budgeted, value-engineered, and purpose-built for cannabis.

Management Consulting

Cultivation  |  Processing  |  Retail

Our cannabis expertise is rooted and perfected in cutting-edge facilities, enabling us to advise our clients on best practices and documentation proven in actual operations.

CKC delivers support from the application stage through build-out and start-up and into the management and continuous improvement of fully operational facilities. We can assist our clients in one specific operational area or provide comprehensive operations management solutions.

CKC plots your course
from plan to performance.

We build your future
on the foundation of our experience.

We deliver pragmatic expertise across the entire cannabis product lifecycle.

Compliance, Government Affairs & Public Relations

Government Expertise | Community, Business and Union Communications

Our Team has written and enacted cannabis laws; we understand the perspectives of elected officials and government staff involved in regulating cannabis. In addition, our Team has deep experience in outreach and communications with community organizations, industries, and labor unions.

CKC will: assist your business in compliance with all relevant regulations; improve your working relationships with surrounding businesses, residents and labor unions, and; advocate for needed regulatory changes so that your business isn’t hampered with ineffective and burdensome requirements.

Tissue Culture

Lab Design  |  Protocols  |  Training

CKC can quickly deliver and expertly set-up Tissue Culture micropropagation facilities and protocols for your enterprise in an efficient, economical, and scalable way.

CKC’s Tissue Culture Labs and protocols empower our clients to receive new genetics, “scrub” and rejuvenate existing portfolios, and relilably produce viable, pathogen-and-pest-free starts which reduce cultivation costs, improve crop yields, and enhance product quality.

Native American Ventures

Strategy  | Operations  | Networking

Tribes are well-positioned to compete in the emerging cannabis industry, due to their unique nature as Sovereign Governments, with land- and water-rights, directed economic development, and socially-oriented objectives.

We have successfully partnered with Native American Tribes to support their strategic planning, facilities design and operational support needs for cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensary facilities.

We collaborate with government and regulatory entities to comprehend and influence cannabis regulations to ensure your business is compliant.

Our Tissue Culture practices enhance cultivation operations & improve efficiency.

We assist Tribes in realizing their Sovereign opportunities in Cannabis Operations.

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