Sky Keith

Business Ops & Finance

  • Managed Industrial Soil Production Facility
    • Responsible for soil recipes
    • Distribution and sales – averaged 50 yards of soil per day
    • Managed team of 4 full-time employees
    • Tailored fertilizer and pesticide programs for individual customers
  • Medical Marijuana Collective Garden Consultant
    • Responsible for working directly with farmers to mitigate mold, pest, and microbial threats
    • Worked directly with farmers regarding harvest scheduling and techniques
    • Designed fertilization and pest control recipes and schedules
    • Facilitated genetic breeding and genetic quality control
    • Trained employees to perform day to day horticultural duties
  • Director of Horticulture Operations for BMF Incorporated
    • Worked directly with sub contractors to design every aspect of the facility
    • Responsible for hiring and managing 45 employees
    • Responsible for managing and tracking financials for each building
    • Responsible for managing the accounting behind sales and distribution of the product
    • Responsible for recruiting and vetting lessees for twelve 68 thousand square foot, tier three buildings – ongoing process
    • Determined ideal genetics for production
    • Designed fertilization and pest control programs
    • Designed industrial grade clone room and propagation facility to support bloom rooms
    • Created harvest plan and vegetative cycles

Sky knows the product, he knows business as a graduate of Loyola School of Business (B.B.A), and he knows the business of the product. His fluency in both the vernacular of the cannabis industry and the vocabulary of business analytics drives project success against to the most stringent measures of financial rigor. Sky creates accurate and reliable pro forma projections and performance assessments to enable data-driven decision-making about business opportunities, investments, and developmental strategy. His experience staffing and leading large teams provides an informed perspective on the industry’s human-resources challenges, from hiring to training to employee management.

Sky’s performance methodology is based on converting curiosity into knowledge, idea into execution, and opportunity into accomplishment. Whether it’s an ROI-assessment of lighting innovations, situational analyses of micro-climate flora, or operations-management of best-in-class facilities, Sky converts experience into expertise and continues the cycle of learning-by-doing. His broad awareness and his emotional IQ enable Sky to hear, understand, and reflect client objectives. His financial management skills ensure that the moving parts of an operation don’t obscure the importance of the bottom line, while Sky’s deep familiarity with the industry ensures that the right bottom line is established in the first place.

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