Jason Hutto

Seed-to-Sale Expert

  • Managed 30 employees in execute seed-to-sale grow operations
    • Over a decade of experience growing marijuana in operations ranging in size from 500-8000 ft2
    • Genetic propagation and breeding
    • Seed acquisition and analysis
    • Fertilizer scheduling
    • Pest mitigation plan
    • Staff hiring and staffing structure implementation for grow operations
    • Grow room design, development, and construction
    • HVAC, electrical, and irrigation systems
    • Wide variety of irrigation systems and growing mediums
  • Marijuana Consulting Experience
    • CannaPi: Managed the collective garden. Directed sourcing of all materials from design/build into construction. Greatly increased product diversity and breath. Developed and executed a marijuana education program for the employees of the facility
  • General Business Management
    • Founded, owned and operated Arteluce Design, a furniture and lighting boutique specializing in custom upholstery furniture and lighting design for residential and commercial use
    • Owned and operated Counteractive of Tampa, a custom granite countertop fabrication business. Grew from $50K revenue to $6 million by fifth year

Jason grew up in a multi-generational construction family, and his ambition and hustle had him found a boutique furniture and lighting design business at 22 years old. Boot-strapping his own start-up provided Jason with a priceless business education and mastery of the back-and-forth collaborations between senior designers, architects, and end-consumers. Jason then turned his focus to developing a granite countertop fabrication business, where he delivered exponential sales revenue growth by emphasizing production design, data-driven workflow, and careful attention to customer service.
Jason’s early career shaped his understanding of strategic planning: the ability to differentiate those issues that can be left to ad hoc problem-solving from those that require careful advance assessment and decision-making. As he transitioned into the medical marijuana industry in the early 2000’s, Jason translated his construction, design, execution, and strategic-planning skillsets into operational efficiencies and improved yields, and build systems for continuous improvement of processes and methodologies.
In addition, his involvement in the medical cannabis industry triggered and fed his passion for genetics and cutting-edge production and processing tools. As our director of Research & Development, Jason aggressively identifies and evaluates developing technologies in order to fully understand and leverage best-in-class tools and genetics.

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