Alex Paris

Processing & Concentrates

  • Nearly a decade of seed-to-sale experience in Washington’s marijuana industry
    • “Plant doctor” skills in mitigating, diagnosing, and resolving pests, pathogens, bacteria, environmental stresses, macro and micro deficiencies, toxicity.
    • Extraction techniques: co2, bho, pho, cold finger extraction, ethanol extractions; winterization and homoginization techniques, de-carboxalation techniques, purging techniques.
  • Owner/Operator of Brass Tacks Restaurant (Georgetown, Seattle, WA)
    • Build out 5000 sq ft bar and restaurant, over 100 seats, live music
    • Grossed $1.3 million in first year
  • 2002-07 University of Central Florida
    • B.S Micro-Molecular Biology
    • A.S Health Sciences
    • A.S Health Administration
  • 1999-2002 United States Air Force F-16 Crew Chief

Alex thrives in this industry because he loves the activity at the core of the business: the guided growth of a complex biological system to yield a high-quality plant and product. His formal education in micro-molecular biology afforded him hundreds of hours in academic research labs. But Alex’s thousands of hours in the practical laboratories of the marijuana industry have amplified education into expertise in: cell and systems biology; plant ecology, genomics, physiology, and histology; micro-biology, microbial genomics and genetics; organic chemistry, bio-chemistry.
Alex instills his passion for the science (and art) of marijuana ecology into those that he trains and manages. His best-practice evangelism ensures that staff not only dutifully execute the methodology, but also understand what those steps are doing and why those methods are in place.

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